Risers are installed on a septic tank to bring the lid to grade. They help make pumping a septic tank less costly by cutting out the effort to locate and then dig up lids on a tank also protecting your irrigation and landscaping. Risers can easily be installed by the homeowner, or we can install for you. We can accommodate many different lid designs. The majority of septic tank lids are round, some can be square depending on your tank manufacturer. A riser can be installed at grade or just below to allow grass to grow. We also offer different markers, such as stakes, fake rocks, patio stones, etc. to mark septic tank location. Once a riser is buried it’s gone, and can be difficult to relocate.

There are many different riser sizes from six inch up to thirty-six inch diameter. A six inch riser should never be put on the first septic tank, or the inlet end of a double compartment septic tank. It is very difficult to remove solid sewage through a six inch hole. Our technicians use a paddle to manipulate and break up the sewage. If we have to pump through a six inch hole, there is no way to move your hose around the tank to pump the corners, and we end up only pumping the water and missing many of the solids that will end up remaining in the septic tank. You also cannot see into the tank to tell if there are any issues going on such as the tank being overfull, or runback from the field. If your septic tank was installed with six inch risers it is best to dig those up and have the bigger risers installed at your next pumping service.

There are also many different styles of lids such as plastic, cement, fiberglass and steel. Most lids cannot be driven over, some special style lids can be. They mostly function the same; however some are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They can be stamped to look like river rock, grass, and bark mulch. These are specialty lids that have to be special ordered and are not carried in house. There are also options to cover the risers completely if you don’t want to see them at all, but still want to access your septic tank easily. Fake rocks are sold many places, and can be easily fit to cover a lid you don’t want showing. It is not wise to plant a garden in or around your septic tank lids, as we do have to get in close to the lids and special flowers or plants could get trampled or even need to be removed if deep rooted bushes are infiltrating your lids.

All in all risers can be efficient and practical if installed properly. Remember to call your septic professional to get you the best fit for your septic tank. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about purchasing, or installing a riser on any of your septic tanks.

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