26 May 2016
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26 May 2016,

The National Cherry Festival is Northern Michigan’s largest festival. Attendance is expected to be at around 500,000 people! With that many people roaming the beautiful shores of Traverse City, sanitation should be our highest priority.

When Security Sanitation first landed the account for Cherry Fest, they only rented 3 porta johns. Now they are up over 150! You can find units scattered from Little Fleet to the Volleyball courts, Thirlby field to Tilley’s. They are literally around every corner. When you are making your trek from parking on 10th St. to the festivities at the Open Space you never know when one will come in handy.

Placing units can be trickier than keeping them clean. There are several events that go on daily at Festival and change constantly. Not only are there permanent units that stay all week, there is also moving units that are changed daily, sometimes hourly. For parades, units are placed in the early morning hours, and have to be removed as soon as the last float crosses the finish line. With races, pie eating contests, wine tasting, volleyball tournaments, air shows, fireworks, and kid’s events units are always moving from scene to scene. Each event has its own unique needs that have to be addressed accordingly. As you can imagine it can be interesting to maneuver a trailer load of porta johns from one downtown event to another in the middle of festival.

If you have ever attended the Festival you know how crowded it can become. Servicing that many units can be quite the undertaking. For 8 days the team at Security start cleaning and servicing units before the sun comes up, and well after the sun goes down. We also keep an attendant downtown all day to check units for unexpected servicing needs. You may see them roaming in a golf cart loaded with toilet paper and sanitizer ready to stock units at all times. On busier nights of the Festival, you will see several guys running around the beer tent, music stage, and food areas checking units constantly. The last night of festival generally has a lot going on, everyone is out enjoying the last bit of celebration, and keeps our team on their toes. When you see them give them some love, they are working hard to keep your experience “Michigan Pure”.


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