Disposal Fee's

In May 2005 Grand Traverse County implemented the new Septage Treatment Center. They also passed a law that there will be no more land application. We are required to take all sewage that is pumped to the treatment center to be properly handled and screened. At this time the disposal rates are as follows:
  • Septic Tanks:     .18 cents per gallon
  • Holding Tanks:   .05 cents per gallon
  • Grease Traps:     .19 cents per gallon
For instance a 1200 gallon septic tank will cost $216.00 for disposal plus pumping fee. As all tanks vary in size depending on house size or when it was built, disposal prices vary. All situations are different so please call with any questions or specific pricing.


Pumping Fee's vary upon distance from our shop at 2233 M-37  (south of Vance Rd)
  • 0-15 miles:          $150.00
  • 16-20 miles:      $160.00
  • 20-25 miles:      $170.00
  • 26 + miles:          $200.00

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